Talk is cheap. Show me the code.
— Linus Torvalds

Some pieces of software are so essential to what I do that my workflow would be severely impacted by their loss. If you have a piece of software that you think meets this criteria please let me know.



Absolutely essential software for anyone that is serious about saving time, Autohotkey allows you to create custom scripts that are as powerful as you can make them. Free for all purposes, commercial or personal, autohotkey allows users to slam through repetitive tasks, automate mundane processes, and feel great while doing it. There is nothing better than watching a script execute tasks at lightning speed.



Overdisk enables you to visualize the ratio of file folders and their contents, allowing for you to quickly find where you may have too much data accumulated. This provides a way to find wasteful chunks of data that might be better off being archived or deleted altogether.



The days of paid zipped files have been long over since Microsoft acquired the rights to embed zipping into Windows, but 7z offers much more than just barebones .zip files. 7z is able to read/write virtually every zipped file extension, and does it much more efficiently and effectively than any other solution that you’ll find. Add to that open source development, and a much more robust user experience, and you have a clear winner in the realm of creating archives, zipping files, and compression ratios. Hail to the king.